Tim Walters

Chief Operations Officer

Tim Walters is the Chief Operating Officer of Lighthouse Strategies. Lighthouse Strategies is a business development and portfolio management company that bridges traditional and cannabis markets through complementary businesses with a core focus on beverages and brands. Lighthouse operates eleven separate companies servicing multiple Western Region states.
Tim serves on the Board of Directors for Lighthouse Strategies.
Tim Walters served as President and COO of U.S. Coffee from 2016-2017. As President, Tim led the Executive Leadership team to execute the corporate vision of implementing a change in how single serve coffee is consumed now and in the future. Under his leadership, US Coffee will be empowering the consumer to drive a change in the global environment and sustainable practices.
Over the course of Tim’s career, he has served as Market General Manager, Regional Director, and Executive Vice President. Tim has led local, regional and national sales and operational teams, supporting finance, accounts payable, accounts receivable, purchasing, inventory and logistics, supporting revenues ranging from $12M to $50$ in annual business. During his tenure at Pinnacle Wireless, he held a variety of executive leadership positions in both Finance and Operations and was instrumental in driving several mergers and acquisitions. Under Tim’s management operations achieved bottom line cost efficiencies, with sales growth in excess of 500% over six (6) years, a 200% increase in staffing and 20%+ EBITDA. Mr. Walters has more than 25 years of leadership experience including a founding member of technology startups, Wireless Consulting Group, Integrated Dispatch Solutions and New England Wireless.
Tim is a graduate of Fairfield University in Fairfield, CT with a BA degree in Economics. Outside of Lighthouse, Tim is on the Board of Directors of Wireless Consulting Group and an avid sailor and traveler.